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We need your help to keep Richmond, TX charming. We cannot let Fort Bend County erase the value of our historic land in our historic district. Their plans are to take an entire block away from us so they can use it as a parking lot. Historic homes will be demolished or moved and 200 year old trees will be cut down! Please sign our petition to the county commissioners court and consider donating to a small business with a big cause.

Why Stop the Paving?

There is already parking

The county owns the acre sized parking lot adjacent to the proposed parking lot. This area is large enough and in a location where transforming it into a parking garage would be beneficial for the county as well as the historic district and downtown area.


All of the trees, some of which are close to 200 years old will be cut down for the parking lot. Large, paved parking lots create heat islands. Having two right next to each other with no trees will only intensify this effect, making the Historic District hotter and less desirable to explore.

Small businesses

Small historic districts like Richmond, TX are enhanced and beloved because of small Mom & Pop businesses and their patrons they attract to the area. With this entire block erased by a parking lot, there will be fewer small business locations for business owners to occupy, potentially slowing down or stopping economic growth.

Low inventory

Many people want to call downtown Richmond their home and many businesses want to set up shop. The historic district is already low on property inventory and this will only exacerbate the problem. Removing land from productive use will put a strain on the overburdened taxpayers. Removing the land from the City's tax role will force taxpayers to make up the difference.

Historic homes in danger

Three historic homes sit on the proposed site and are in danger of being demolished, thanks to the county. To make room for the parking lot, the county will remove the homes or pave around them.

Water run off

Paved parking surfaces create enormous amounts of stormwater runoff. With aging infrastructure in Richmond’s historic district, it is already challenging to mitigate water runoff from existing properties. New, paved surfaces require drainage mitigation that is expensive to implement and often comes in the form of open-air ponds or buried detention. Better alternatives exist: go vertical with the parking lot the County already owns. No new surfaces, no new runoff, no expensive mitigation. 

Who do I call?

The County Commissioners Court

County Judge

County Judge KP George

Phone: 281-341-8606
Fax: 281-341-8609

Commissioner Precinct 1

Vincent Morales, Jr.

Phone: 281-344-9400
Fax: 281-342-0587

Commissioner Precinct 2

Grady Prestage

Phone: 281-403-8000
Fax: 281-403-8009

Commissioner Precinct 3

Andy Meyers

Phone: 281-238-1403
Fax: 281-238-1401

Commissioner Precinct 4

Dexter L. McCoy

Phone: 281-980-2235
Fax: 832-471-1841

Fort Bend County Courthouse ca_edited.jpg

What can I do?

Join us in meeting and speaking with the County Commissioners Court Tuesday June 13th at 1p. Details in the links below.

"I don't believe the Count is acting in the best interest of Richmond and it's residents by destroying historic homes, hindering local economy and business owners, and impacting the remains land that acts as rain/flood water drainage favor of a parking lot (which negatively impacts all measures of economy, ecology, and quality of life)."
- Candace
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